Shout-Out: Drop Table Planet Generator

Disclosure: I know Ryan from G+, and he's helped fine-tune some of our own stuff in the past. He sent me a freebie because I've sent him some freebies in the past, but I'm choosing to give it a shout-out: he didn't ask me to.

Drop Table Planet Generator is Ryan Northcott's debut into the indie scene, and is exactly what it says on the tin: a letter-sized table that you print out and roll dice onto (ie, "drop"), in order to quickly generate planets on the fly.

It's system-independent, so if you're running a game in which stumbling across random planets is a thing and/or being able to quickly generate planets will be of some use to you (possibly because the game you're playing is lacking in the planet generators department), there you go.

The pdf is only $1, and comes with a color and "print-friendly" (aka, black and white) version. This way you can keep it simple if you want to save on ink, but if you've got a nice printer you can add some flair to it (or take it to a store and have them print it out on cardstock).

There's also a $4 option for both the pdf and a cardstock sheet from DriveThruRPG's print-on-demand service. I don't own the physical sheet myself, but I have purchased plenty of cards from them (had to do some proofs of our Dungeon World GM Screen), and they're really nice quality. The only downside is that DriveThru will end up tacking on a few more bucks to ship it.

If you get it, definitely let Ryan know what you do and don't like about it: he was quick to make changes at my request, and he's planning on making more!

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