The Forgotten King: A Night on the Town

  • Deeproot Wolf Rider
  • Tabbybrook Mage
  • Wyrm Claw Exemplar

  • Von Drakk Ghost House

Spawning Points
  • Grabby House (x2)
  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Death Spectre
  • Gruesome George

  • Von Drakk

We just kinda camped out on the first tile, letting the monsters come to us until both of the Grabby Houses spawned enough times to self-destruct.

Once we took out Gruesome George and the Death Spectre, we ran over to the second tile, taking out Curse Coven Witches and Skullbats as we went, until we made it to tile three. About that time the Pumpkin Patch also self-destructed and spawned Von Drakk.

Von Drakk destroyed the Wyrm Claw Exemplar, but we had banked a pair of Princess Coins so he was back on his feet in no time (but back on the first tile). It didn't manner, because the Tabbybrook Mage zapped the Curse Coven Witches out of the sky, and then the Deeproot Wolf Rider finished off Von Drakk.

Gruesome George was a lot easier than we thought. He has an ability called Static Charge, which gives him +1 STR and ARM per Wound. Between that and Tough, which causes him to recover a Wound each time he activates, we thought it would take forever to kill him.

But, Tabbybrook Mage managed to whittle him down to one Wound, then the Deeproot Wolf Rider mauled him to death with a combination of Princess Power (Citrine crystal) and Wolf Spirit, which gave her a grand total of 4B3R1G to the Attack roll.

Death Spectre wasn't nearly as bad as I remember. Before he could auto-Wound anyone he was next to. Now you get to actually make a Defense roll. Fortunately the Commands card didn't have him use his area-effect recovery attack (he did use Soul Scythe once, but it didn't take).

Von Drakk also wasn't as bad, mostly because Timeouts don't spawn a crapton of monsters anymore, and we didn't use any Skeleton monsters so there weren't any Bone Piles lying around. His Blood Drinker (and Nocturne's Feast) gave him some staying power.

Now to find the time to paint everything. And play again: got a few more warbands and Heroes to try out.

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