A Sundered World: When The Players Declare War...

Our A Sundered World side-campaign has now turned into a war campaign.

The players want to have it run somewhat parallel to our "normal" campaign, with the tarchons continuing to wage war on everyone else (they kind of drove them off before), probably due to infernal influence, and they have to somehow stop them.

I've never run a war campaign before, and they've never played in one, so this campaign is going to involve a lot of "firsts".

Basically, we're all going to come up with some islands and locations, I'll arrange them on a map, figure out how the tarchon force is going about their campaign of slaughter, and then let the players take action based on what they know/want to do.

I still have access to Heroes of Battle and The Forge of War. They're 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons books, but maybe they'll have some useful advice (ideally in keeping big fights abstract).

I let the players choose their first mission, and they opted for assassination. The hook is that a tarchon scouting vessel has been discovered in their area, and the characters have to capture or kill the tarchons on board before they return with their intelligence.

We're now being joined by Maria Rivera, the primary mind behind The Lich. She's playing a t'pual wizard that was slain near the Bahamut Span, and during her lengthy reformation period ended up absorbing too much of the tarchon's battle-lust.

On the plus side, she also picked up the draconic language, which lets her wizard unleash fire upon everything near her (normally wizards have to pick and choose their targets).

Maria came up with this all on her own, which pleases me because it means that I've written enough flavor content, such that another player can make setting-appropriate characters and choices without me having to hold their hand.

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Lichfield is available for public consumption. If you want a concise adventure with a Silent Hill feel, be sure to check it out! We also just released Primordial Machine, so if you want to catch a glimpse of A Sundered World, now's your chance!

The Golem is our latest "monster" playbook, and the fourth to be made due to fan demand. Next up is The Rakshasa, followed by a few more that we're not ready to talk about just yet (one of which features yet another character sheet design).

The Dungeon World GM Screen is currently available in pdf and landscape insert formats. No matter which you choose, you get eight sets of pdfs that let you have access to the screen in both landscape and portrait orientation, in color or black and white, and with or without art.

We're waiting on the portrait inserts. Assuming they look good, they'll be available soon. They're now available.

Next up, mini screen!

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  1. Check out a game called IntotheOdd. Kind of a d20ish variant thing.. they have a cool and simple system for forming mercenary companies. In fact having said this I will just post the paragraphs here.. (doh!)

    War and Revolution

    Training Soldiers: 5% of the general populace are
    soldiers (7HP). A further 20% are fit to fight as
    conscripts (3hp). In some Companies, all of Members
    are be combat-ready.

    Revolution: Typically the largest Company present in
    a settlement will act as Government. However, the
    current rulers can be overthrown, outvoted or
    otherwise deposed, even by smaller Companies.

    Large Battles: Large groups of combatants should be
    combined as a unit. A Unit fights as one and adds 1 to
    Damage rolls for how many times they outnumber
    their opponents, to a maximum of +3.
    For example, a unit of 200 cavemen fighting 100
    pikemen outnumber them 2-to-1, so add 2 to their
    Damage. If a unit outnumbers their opponents by less
    than 2-to-1 they add 1 to Damage.
    A unit taking Critical Damage takes casualties equal to
    the number of attackers. Attacks causing 2d6 damage
    or more cause a casualty for each point of Critical
    Damage they cause. For example, a unit of ten cannons
    causing 8 Critical Damage results in 80 casualties.


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