Dungeons & Delvers: Red Book Druid Talent Preview

One of the things my players tell me they want more of are talents, and I'm sure other fans of Dungeons & Delvers wouldn't mind having more options, too, so here's most of the current druid roster for Red Book:

Circle of the Moon
A Thousand Faces
Command Water
Conjure Undine
Create Water
Dispel Magic
Empty Moon
Metamorphic Curse
Unleash the Beast

Circle of the Forest
Command Plants
Plant Growth
Shape Wood
Speak With Plants
Tree Stride
Venomous Thorns
Wall of Thorns

Circle of Stone
Command Earth
Conjure Gnome
Petrifying Breath
Wall of Stone

Circle of Storms
Call Lightning
Chain Lightning
Conjure Sylph
Fog Cloud
Gust of Wind
Ionized Cloud
Wall of Wind
Wind Walk

Circle of the Sun
Command Flame
Conjure Salamander
Heat Wave
Protection from Poison
Wall of Fire

Total of 62, and that's not counting talents that don't require a Circle (which are talents unto themselves that each grant a scaling at-will attack), such as Divination and Empowered Rite, as well as the Skinchanger and Elemental Form trees. It's possible we'll include a Circle of Winter, but I don't want to overload the book with a bajillion spellcaster options, so that might go into an issue of Delver.

I'm thinking there's going to be about 75 in the end, but I'm guessing additional suggestions will bump that up even more. We'll have to see. I should note that some are prerequisites for others (Petrifying Breath requires Petrify), and in the book they will be arranged in such a way, but for now I'm just sorting them alphabetically.

Not all Circles are equal (right now, anyway), because you're not locked into one. You actually don't need to pick any: at 1st-level you'll get two talents. One must be a Circle or Skinchanger, and the other can be whatever you want.

The key thing is that if you want to be an animal-only druid, you can, and if you don't want anything to do with animal forms, just don't pick Skinchanger (Elemental Forms will probably be its own thing, so you can skip over to that). It's all part of our controlled complexity thing.

Here are some examples of the new stuff:

Range: 30 feet
As a Standard Action you unleash a searing ray of sunlight. Treat it as a ranged Wisdom attack that inflicts 1d6+Wisdom radiant and fire damage. The damage increases by 1d6 at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.

1 Favor: One creature within 30 feet of you must attempt a Reflex save. On a failure they suffer 2d6+Wisdom fire and radiant damage and are Burning (1d6), and on a success they only suffer half damage. You can spend an additional Favor to increase the damage dice by 2d6 each time, but the total damage dice cannot exceed your druid level.

Prerequisite: Circle of the Moon
Favor: 2
Range: 50 feet
One creature within range must succeed on a Fortitude save or be transformed into a Beast of its level or lower, and its size or smaller. If their level is higher than your druid level, they are instead Stunned until the start of your next turn on a failed save. If the new form would die due to environmental factors (such as turning someone into a fish on dry land), they roll twice and use the higher result.

The creature remains in this form for 1 round per druid level. The creature’s physical traits and abilities become the average for its new form. This includes physical ability scores, Speed (and movement modes, such as flight and swimming), AC and DR, and attacks (if any). Its level, Wound Points, and Vitality Points are unchanged. The creature retains its original proficiency bonus in any skills it possessed, modified by its new ability scores and limited by its shape.

Equipment does not change (and can be damaged or destroyed during the transformation).
If its 
  • +1 Favor: The duration is increased to 10 minutes per druid level.
  • +2 Favor: The duration is increased to 1 hour per druid level.
  • +2 Favor: The target’s mental ability scores become the average of the new form. Replace any skills with those typical of its new form.
  • +3 Favor: The transformation is permanent.
Prerequisite: Circle of Stone, Earthglide
Favor: 3
You create a tunnel through stone roughly 5-feet wide, 5-feet high, and 10-feet long on a surface you touch. It remains for 10 minutes per druid level, after which it slowly seals shut: creatures still inside suffer 10d6 bludgeoning damage (half on a successful Fortitude save).

+1 Favor: For each additional 1 Favor you spend, the tunnel’s length is extended by up to another 5-feet, but the tunnel’s total length cannot exceed 5-feet per druid level. When using the talent in this way, the tunnel does not need to be straight: it can curve in any direction.

Anyway, let us know what you think. That enough? Got suggestions? Something you want druids to do that they don't normally?

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