Dungeons & Delvers: Soulknife

Someone wanted to know how we'd adjust the Dungeons & Delvers battlemind to be a soulknife. They're very different classes, so rather than just tweak the battlemind I figured I'd do an entirely new class.

In 3rd Edition D&D, the soulknife was a melee psychic warrior-type. Its attack bonus was average (ie, what a rogue and cleric got), and its main schtick was being able to manifest a blade of psychic energy and stab things.

Perhaps to make up for the lack of a fighter-attack bonus (+1 per level), it regularly got a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with the mindblade, and you could use a Move Action to give it a damage spike (starts out at +1d8, and increases until it hits +5d8 damage).

Otherwise you could throw it, give it special qualities, and shape it into other melee weapons (increasing its damage, or even allowing you to dual-wield it). Not too much to work with, but here's a link to a Google Doc to see what I came up with so far. Feel free to suggest new stuff, changes to existing stuff. If you use it, lemme know how it worked out!

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