Githzerai Debut

The racial changes are fairly minor. All I noticed is that the githzerai now gains a racial bonus on saves against specific conditions (stunning, dazing, and the like), and also gets to shift whenever she uses second wind.

The feats I could pull up while building a monk were:
  • Alhahn's Mindful Relocation: Shift further when using second wind.
  • Dakshai's Body-Mind Union: Burn iron mind in order to make an immediate save with a +5 bonus.
  • Iron Resolve of Zerthadlun: Saving throw bonus when you have power points.
  • Miryath's First Strike: Deal bonus psychic damage when you first hit a creature that hasnt acted, yet. Scales by tier.
  • Zuwoth's Enlightened Step: You dont provoke opportunity attacks from enemies that have not already acted.
  • Githzerai Planewalker: You can master Linked Portal, Planar Portal, and True Portal without having Ritual Caster, can do it faster, and with a bonus.
There's a new paragon path, rrathmal, which is a racial path that grants psychic resistance, end slow/immobilize when you burn an action point, and roll initiative twice and keep whichever roll you want.
Trace chance is a ranged encounter attack that grants a bonus to hit a creature on your next at-will attack, and changes it to an auto-crit if it hits.
Inescapable fate is an immediate reaction at-will utility that lets you shift your speed towards an adjacent enemy that shifts away from you.
Vengeance shroud is a close burst attack 2 that deals psychic damage in addition to dealing more psychic damage whenever the affected targets miss on their turn (save ends). It creates a zone effect that lets your allies take 10 on attack rolls. This attack is a Dex + 6 or Wis + 6 for the attack, and is an encounter power.

Couldnt find an epic destiny in the mix. Thats basically all I could find so far. Considering doing a githzerai psion or monk for the next delve night, especially if we can make paragon characters.

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