Legendary Evils Review

I got a case in today, right before I had to bounce off for work. Sometimes Usually Almost always, I hates me my job. -.-

I know its common practice to hate on WotC for the quality and distribution model for D&D minis, and while sometimes the quality is absolute crap I almost always feel quite content with my purchases. So, I got a lot of shit, and since a case is eight boxes I got all the Huges. I like all the huges. A lot. They are fucking...huge. The only one that I dont like some of the time is the balor. If you stare at his face long enough, and at just the right angle he looks...happy? Goofy? Like a retarded puppy dog, I just wanna pet him. Not that I sit there and stare longingly into his eyes or anything. That'd just be weird.

Out of the entire set, the only mini that I really dislike no matter which way I swing it is that stupid goddamn scarecrow stalker. It looks like they were working on a commoner figure, partially melted it, and thought, "well fuck it, lets just make it a monster and wrap up the set." I mean, come on. Look at it! My only regret is that I got saddled with two of them, and I doubt anyone is going to want/use them. Ever. I guess I could double them as zombies or some shit...
What else what else what else...umm...ah! Bolraza looks flat and super-lame considering the fact that I guess she's some kind of NPC, what with the name and all. The barghest looks better than she does. Hell, those goblin cutters look better.
Oh, and the chuul I got wasnt quite attached to its base, but a careful application of super glue will fix that. Not really an issue on the sculpt or color, thats fine. Dunno if its a persistent issue. Dont care, I finally got a chuul and will promptly plop it down in my Eberron campaign where the party kills aberrants in the Shadow Marches.

Otherwise this is a pretty decent set. Sure, the human rabble paint job sucks, but I'm used to common figures that I want to employ enmasse to have simple, flat jobs like that. They're unimportant mooks that show up to die in droves, and if I had to physically paint those fuckers you can bet I'm not going to invest time with shading and drybrushing techniques. No. Fucking. Way. Actually, the goblin cutters look pretty good for being minion commons, but again I'm way more likely to throw those at the party than human wankers w/ clubs.
I like the githzerai figs, mostly because I have a couple 'zerai characters in often-weekly games. Didnt know they were in the set, so I was pleasantly surprised when a mindmage tumbled out. I did a double take with sound effects and immediately started making whoosh sound effects (its what happens when my monk does master spiral stance).
On the other hand, I got another minotaur, and when my minotaur minis outnumber dragonborn I think there's a problem. Or not. I've played more minotaurs than I have most of the PH races (exception being tieflings). Hmm...maybe its just me.

Lots of good stuff. I like that it has stuff for all the tiers, so it has merit for people starting out their games, as well as groups that have been on the bandwagon since last year. Just, for the love of god, try more ink-washing. The rimefire griffon is alright, but some wash would have picked out details a bit better. Now, its off to Ebay to pick up a brown dragon, some more rabble, and maybe Irontooth.


  1. Its a phone-cam picture. :-( I figured that it would just be blurry until you clicked on it (like my monster stat blocks are). XD


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