Tsucora Quori

For my Eberron Inquisitives campaign, a quori! As a note to my potential players, this totally is not a spoiler, no siree.

After checking on the original iteration in Eberron Campaign Setting, I'd initially pegged the tsucora as a lurker simply because of the description (it enjoys ambushing targets, fleeing it outclassed, and coming back again later after careful observation). However, none of its abilities were really conducive to this behavior.

I decided that it would function best as a soldier, perhaps even a skirmisher. The hashalaq seems to work better as a lurker or skirmisher, and the du'lora makes an ideal controller, and I wanted to ensure that all the base quori types could round eachother out for more diverse encounter builds. That being said, I think that making a lurker-type tsucora is next on the agenda.

Anywho, I decided to keep its iconic ability, terrifying sting, and parse away the rest of its psi-like abilities since I wanted this to be a very simple package to work with.

Here's a minion version.

And finally an elite version.

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