Class Acts: Artificer

This Class Acts article ties in racial traits with artificer class features, mostly focusing on the various effects of Healing Infusion: curative admixture, resistive formula, and shielding elixir. For example, Astral Elixer causes shielding infusion to grant resist 5 radiant, and the target can end the effect to gain a variable bonus to a save. On the other hand, Human Innovation lets you recharge an ally's daily item power when you spend an action point. Any race that's been in a Player's Handbook is on the list, even a few that aren't like the minotaur and shadar-kai, which is good for providing a foundation for players that want to play a "non-standard" artificer. There are a total of 25 feats, all Heroic, so useful to any artificer of any level.

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