Token Making

A while back, my group and I decided to buy miniatures. Well, it didn't work for us at all. Nowadays, it seems that buying miniatures is a luxury for people who wish to use them for their campaign. In the end, we decided to go digital by using Google Sketchup and someone's huge ass screen as our battlemap. Though awesome as it was, we realized that combat time was increased as everything had to be managed by the DM. Then it hit me. I used to play with tokens back in the day, so why not buy them? Or better yet....make them!
With a budget of less than 50 bucks, I managed to make more than 200 tokens and two battlemaps with the help of reliable friends. Below are pictures of the tokens in the making, as well as the final (sort of,) product. If you are looking for tutorials you can go here for homemade dungeon tiles or you could go here for token making tutorials and/or tiles.

Laminating the tokens already printed:

Laminated strips waiting to be cut:

Final product:
Random pics:

With a laminated battlemap i can just draw on it with a sharpie and erase it afterwards with cotton and alcohol or nail polish remover (my mom is going to kill me).

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