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I cant deny that I have always been intrigued by psionics since the first day that I heard about them back in the 3.0 days, but i never got a chance to play as one until the expanded psionic handbook came out and i made my first elan psychic warrior. I have always liked the elans, and thats why I brought the idea to Antioch to make the elan race. However, he came up with a better idea and that was to make the elan as a bloodline feat for humans and humans only. Here I present to you some of the feats.

Heroic Feats

Demanding Resilience [Bloodline]
Prerequisite: Elan Heritage, battlemind, human
Benefit: You gain a +1 feat bonus to AC and Fortitude against creatures marked by your battemind's demand.

Elan Heritage [Bloodline]
Prerequisite: Human
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Endurance checks. You gain elan resilience.

Elan Resilience                                                                                                                                       

Encounter✦PsionicMinor Action                Personal
Effect:  Make a saving throw against a single effect that a save can end. 
Augment 1: The saving throw gains a bonus equal to your Constitution modifier. 

Invigorating Resistance [Bloodline]
Prerequisite: Elan heritage, human
Benefit: Whenever you succeed on a saving throw, you gain resist 5 all until the end of your next turn. At level 11 this resistance increases to 10, and at level 21 it increases to 15.

Metabolic Resurgence [Bloodline]

Prerequisite: Elan Heritage, human

Benefit: You can swap out one 2nd-level or higher utility power to gain metabolic resurgence.

Metabolic Resurgence                                                                                      
Minor Action                Personal
Effect: Spend a healing surge. Instead of regaining hit points, you regain a power point. You cannot exceed your maximum number of power points. 

If you like this preview give us some feedback and let us know if you like it or not (and why not).

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