Winning Races: Shifter

Keith, you magnificent bastard. Technically this article is great for shifters in general, but I think that its especially thematic for Eberron players. Eberron has been my prefabbed setting of choice since Planescape, so its both not surprising and a delight that he has written an article on urban shifters.

About half of the article is fluff content on how shifters might adapt to living in the cities, while the rest is devoted to backgrounds and feats. I'm particularly fond of the Urban Shaman background, which reminds me fondly of Shadowrun and also helps drive home the fact that, yes, you can run an urban campaign and still use fucking primal classes.

With only six feats there isnt a lot of crunchy content, which is fine since the first half is actually an interesting read. Of the feats, I like Crow's Flight the most: ignore difficult terrain when running and get a bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics? Hell yes. Predatory Spirit is also pretty nice, allowing you a free reroll on a single primal attack after using longtooth shifting or razorclaw shifting. Though I doubt I'll ever personally play an epic-level character, Primal Instincts looks very cool, causing all your primal at-wills to deal miss damage while you are bloodied.

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