Class Acts: Wardens

Adding faeries to wardens seems a bit contradictory, as I've always envisioned wardens mighty warriors that derive durability and strength from the trees and mountains, while fey seem to prefer deception and agility. Fey wardens are able to summon forth aid from diminutive allies to hinder and befuddle their foes, and this article provides six evocations and feats to support this concept. Despite the continual presence of the fey-folk, there are not stats for any kind of fey in the article.

New Evocations
  • Playful torment is a level 1 at-will that deals damage, causes the target to grant combat advantage, and grants an attack bonus with warden's fury for a turn.
  • Stinging nettles is a level 1 encounter that lets you deal damage to one target within the power's range, reduced damage to the rest, and mark everyone.
  • Call faerie guardian is a level 2 daily that conjures of a fairy warrior that you can move about, and whenever you use your Nature's Wrath feature you can mark a creature next to it for free.
  • Fey congress is a level 6 daily that creates a small sustainable zone that enemies treat as lightly obscured terrain.
  • Sylvan trickery is a level 10 daily that renders you or an ally invisible, and you teleport when it runs out.
  • Swarming fey is a level 13 that affects a close burst, dealing damage and creating a difficult terrain zone for the rest  of the encounter.
New Feats
  • Dancing Leaves allows you to teleport when you use warden's grasp.
  • Fey Companions grants you a bonus to Nature, Perception, Streetwise, and saves against charm effects.
  • Starshine Mantle is for fey creatures only, making you harder to hit when you use second wind.
  • Sylvan Fury requires that you be an elf, and lets you shift when you use Nature's Wrath.
  • Swaying Branches prones or slides an enemy when you hit an enemy with warden's fury in lieu of dealing damage.
  • Unseelie Blight is a drow-only feat that prevents an enemy from utilizing concealment after you hit with encounter attacks.

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