Gamma World: 50 Mutations

While working on a Gamma World adventure, I decided to write up a list of 50 mutations to make things easier for me.
  1. One or both hands have six fingers
  2. Wolfoid
  3. Body covered in fur
  4. Pair of goat-horns
  5. Buffaloid (could also be a cow or bull)
  6. Webbed fingers (and/or feet)
  7. Mouth is an insect-like mandible
  8. Prehensile monkey tail
  9. Glowing eyes
  10. Mottled skin that changes patterns
  11. Reptiloid
  12. Bright skin color (glows in a black-light!)
  13. Lower body of a spider
  14. Arachnoid
  15. 2d4 tentacles instead of arms
  16. Slug's lower body
  17. Rat's tail
  18. Massive, beaver-like bucked teeth
  19. Flesh appears to be dead and rotting
  20. Cat-like ears
  21. Second mouth. You tell me where it is.
  22. Antennae
  23. Body radiates extreme cold
  24. Skin covered in fine scales
  25. Vestigial wings on back
  26. Hands for feet
  27. Bull horns
  28. Eyestalks (possibly retractable)
  29. Wings-for-arms
  30. Body covered in feathers
  31. Reptile's tail
  32. Skin is a transparent membrane
  33. Cat-like claws
  34. Multiple rows of teeth
  35. Fish...oid? Fishman? Fuck it, you're like Abe from Hellboy.
  36. Insect-like eyes
  37. Skin covered in a thick layer of mucus
  38. 1d4 extra eyes
  39. Machine body
  40. Rat-like nose
  41. Lower body is a set of treads
  42. Hair is thick, tendril-like appendages
  43. Lobster-like pincers for arms
  44. Skin glows bright green
  45. Zebra striped skin, or body covered in zebra-patterned fur
  46. Head contains a single, large eye
  47. A small tree grows out of your body
  48. Mouth is a long proboscis
  49. Lamprey-like mouth
  50. Duck bill

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