Contrasting Red Dragons

This is the new elder red dragon, which will be featured in Monster Vault.

Both are level 20 solo soldiers, but the older one seems much more durable since it has higher hit points, defenses, and fire resistance. It also can't hover (unless flight rules got changed) and has no overland flight value (again, unless something got changed). Frankly, people constantly bitched about solo battles taking forever, so I see this as a good thing. Point goes to the newer version.

The new dragon gets a couple of traits that prevent it from being locked down during a fight, which in my experience has greatly reduced the danger, tension, and challenge with just even one bad roll. This involves automatically ending dazed, stunned, and dominated at the end of its turn. I love this. I can't tell you how many times Beth or Josh has brutally fucked solos through various lockdown conditions. I'm putting this, or something similar, on all my solos from now on. Also, it can make a free bite or claw attack before its turn starts (or instead end a stun or dominate condition in effect).

For the most part, attacks are the same, though in many cases damage is increased to one degree or other.

  • Bite initially inflicts slightly less on average, but deals quite a bit more when bloodied.
  • Claw deals eleven more points on average, and has a built-in "attack one or two creatures" line, so no need fo double claw.
  • Immolate foe deals a lot more damage than it did before, and has a Miss effect.
  • Breath weapon also deals substantially more damage, but otherwise works the same.
  • Frightful presence is gone.
  • Tail strike has improved range and flexibility at the cost of damage; the dragon can target anyone moving anywhere within 3 squares, instead of just those that end in a flanking spot, and while it deals seven damage less on average, it knocks them prone.
While I kinda miss frightful presence, the ability to shrug off lockdown conditions is well worth it.


  1. The one thing I'm curious about -- because it could create some odd situations :) -- is why the bite is an automatic grab? And unless the grab rules have changed, doesn't grabbing restrict the actions of the dragon?

    Also, what happens if it uses its Breath Weapon while mouth-grabbing someone? The Bloodied Breath could even go off when the grab is in effect... I just find it kinda weird.

  2. Since there is no action-restriction, it's feasible that a bitted creature could be moved underneath a claw, though the rule for moving with a grabbed creature still applies. If you like the image of someone trapped in it's mouth, you can do that and it's still a good tactic because the ongoing damage doesn't stop until it escapes the grab.

    Also, I got no problems with a dragon breathing on something in it's mouth. :-)

  3. totally hear you, had an epic solo encounter that went just like that. Even A Balor is useless when it is prone and dazed every freaking turn :(


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