Adventure Tools Lets You Build Monsters Now

It looks and builds like Character Builder, but for monsters. To give you a thorough look, I'll go mostly step by step through the process of updating a monster.

You start out by picking the role and whether the monster is a standard, elite, solo, or minion. A radio button at the bottom lets you toggle the leader sub-role.

Then you can name your monster and determine its level, origin, type, and race and keywords (if any). In this case, our raggamoffyn is a Small natural animate with the blind and construct keywords.

The default values for hit points and defenses are already filled in, but you can fine-tune them as before. When entering new movement types, you can select the drop down menu to adjust the speed and add details like "(hover)" to fly or a range on different senses.

When choosing powers attacks automatically got set as Standard actions, while utilities seem to get set to Minor. I have already created slam as a basic melee, but let us take a closer look at the menus.

This is what the power editor normally looks like. If you want to add in details like range and targets, you have to choose Power Body on the left-hand side...

Which looks like this. This is kind of annoying that I have to go to another section to add what are often routine details, but whatever.

Skills is fairly spartan and straightforward. I have added Stealth, making it more likely that the raggamoffyn will get the jump on characters.

Finally we wrap things up with ability scores, alignment, languages, and gear.

And voila, we have a new monster ready to challenge (or embarrass) your players.


  1. Can you export these monsters say to html or something?

  2. You can export them into a .monster file that can be imported somewhere else. Helps share them and get around the 50 custom monster limit.

  3. Does it use the correct stats for attacks and defenses, or does it use the old numbers from the original MM?

  4. Can you still export them as an image file? I find that very useful for posting monsters, and it's what kept me using the old adventure tools even though re-jigging the math for every monster was annoying.

  5. @Moranar: From what I can tell it uses the current stuff.

    @VictorVonDave: The only export options were for a Monster file, and printing as a pdf produces a VERY large file with lots of white space. You could edit THAT in Photoshop, but it is pretty damned annoying.


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