A Sundered World: Class Overhaul

First things first, here are links to the current-enough versions of most of the classes from A Sundered World:

I mentioned at the ass-end of this post that since they're all based around roll-and-hold moves, I was considering changing some of them. Partially because I'd like to see more variety in how they operate, but mostly because I think that there might be better ways to mechanically express what the class does.

I think the battlemind and nomad seem to be fine as is: they both saw some action in the session, and from what I could tell the battlemind was tearing through baddies and soaking damage, while the nomad was zipping about and auto-damaging from a distance.

Adam has mentioned some possible tweaks, like adding a tear currency or something along those lines for teleporting and making attacks: when he shows me his idea, I'll post that and see what people think.

With the shaman I was considering adding a point pool (Spirit?), as I envision the shaman gradually exhausting her spirit as she calls upon it for power. Both Dan and Chris have played this class, and the only complain was how you could get nothing when you called upon it and missed (this has been changed so that you hold 1).

I dunno, maybe the "take -1" option is good enough? If you think the Spirit pool is better suited, should it be based on Wisdom, Constitution, a flat value, or something else?

As for the wizard (and warlock) I was thinking that instead of rolling to hold magic, when you wanna use magic you gain fatigue (or debt in the case of the warlock), roll+INT, and then pick something from a list (similar as to what you do now, you just get the one thing, though).

If I did this I would make a rotes move that lets you perform minor magical feats without gaining fatigue, and just fold evocation and thaumaturgy into one thing, maybe even change moves so that you can gain more fatigue to deal more damage and/or add tags.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do these sound like better/more fictionally appropriate mechanics for making the classes do what they are supposed to? Do you prefer to roll-and-hold? Do you have something else in mind entirely?


  1. Be careful that you don't tweak too much! With my game, I made a few big changes to my game in between playtests that horrified my players, and although it was simpler and more efficient, it removed a lot of the fun that players were having.

    If your classes are fun, find out what makes them fun, and preserve that as best you can.

    1. Mostly just looking to change the kind of "core" move for some of them. This is why I'm going to be running other SW playtests now and then before January, so we can see in ACTUAL play what's good and bad. Also, thankfully, one of the Ravenloft players is going to take the new wizard for a spin!


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