When SJWs & RPGs Collide

Someone in my circles made a post yesterday asking whether anyone felt that what he had said in another post was "wrong". When he mentioned Dungeon World I had a pretty good idea where things were going, but as soon as he mentioned Tim and Tracy I not only knew exactly what was coming next, but also exactly who he was talking about.

Now unless you're on G+ and play Dungeon World you probably have no idea who the hell Tim is. Basically, he's a social justice warrior who has said some astoundingly stupid shit like "every gaming group needs at least one woman", and if you can't find a woman then someone has to play a female character.

Why? Because, and I'm paraphrasing here a bit, "you need to have a woman's perspective in order for the game/world feel truly alive and fun".

Tracy is...somewhat more infamous, but in case you don't know who she is, like Tim she's also a social justice warrior that gets outraged over bizarre shit like Aleena's attire, trying to stop an online woman's convention because they actually wanted to play games, and calling a pornstar a "fucksack".

The original post is made by Tim, which I've archived here. I did this partially because I wanted everyone to be able to easily see it, and partially because both Tracy and Fred Hicks both have me blocked (the SJW MO), so it was the only way to actually see their comments.

Basically, someone asks Tim's character why she's "not in the kitchen and caring for children", he overreacts, and amid all the pity and armchair-support Andrea drops in and, erroneously believing that when a SJW posts a bunch of whiny shit in a public space that it's an invitation to actually talk about it, says that if the character said that then why not run with it?

Mind you Andrea also said that if the player says something like that and actually believes it, that they're "100 years behind the world we are living in". He also admits to not knowing about the session and people, but that if the player's character makes a "misogynist" comment, that his character could take that as a challenge to prove him wrong.

How does Tim respond? He's part of the Manufactured Outrage Brigade, so of course he responds with a wall of text, all caps, so you know he's upset, and that's all that matters: if someone says something that upsets you, then they're in the wrong. Always. What they said, how they said it, context, and other factors? Fuck it: go whine on the internet instead of being an adult and either talking about it or simply shrugging it off.

The entire thread can be summed up as Tim (and most of the rest) wanting people to only act/play the way he wants, Andrea very calmly and politely trying to clarify that he is fine with a variety of playstyles, but thinks that groups should establish up front the general tone and style is ahead of time, Fred Hicks stating that Andrea is "repulsive, simply repulsive" (I know who I'm not supporting anymore), and Tracy Hurley both accusing Andrea of "mansplainin'", as well as things he never even said ("never leave the room").

Really, what Tim needs to do is just make it clear before joining a group is that he has incredibly thin skin, and that anything he perceives as sexist and misogynistic (which can be hard to predict since SJWs like to change up definitions) will make him run to G+ and bitch to the rest of the pseudo activists, eager for fuel to make them feel better about themselves without actually having to do anything.

Honestly? I'm curious what the group thought of him. Tim can be very...abrasive when he thinks you aren't playing the game "right" (i.e., the way he wants). I recall a post in the Dungeon World Tavern where someone was talking about a last breath 7-9 result that Tim didn't agree with: that went on for a while before Adam or Sage came in and said that the other guy wasn't doing anything wrong.

Anywho, Tim says this at some point in the thread:

"Okay people. It is already after 12pm here and as our playstyles don't seem to mix I think I will go now" 

then I was kicked out of the skype call. 
I was going to say "I hope you all have fun and raid the dungeon and stuff." but didn't get to. 

Well yeah...

Hrmm...maybe they were just tired of your shit? When someone says they need to leave and gets immediately booted, that sounds like the actions of someone that's just had enough of you. I know that you've got your little yes-person echo-chamber hug-box going on, eager to show you pictures of kittens and make you feel better after your oh-so traumatic experience, but that's still just one side of the story.

Maybe he expects everyone to just listen and believe?


  1. Wow! And I thought Shannon was a handful. Well, like I've always said:

    "The problem with anything public is the 'public' part."

    I've got to wonder though. Where are all these social warriors when TV and movies have females in revealing outfits, misogynist, racist, or otherwise inflammatory dialogue or plots? Where's the outrage that Skye's winter coat is unzipped enough to see her cleavage? Who's throwing a fit over the disproportionate number of female raiders in Vikings? Why isn't somebody demanding proportional racial representation in How to Train Your Dragon 2? Why is it only the games we play inside our own homes targeted? If we were "roleplaying" in the bedroom these people would all manner of supportive. But if it's on the kitchen table...

    1. You mean Shannon from rpg.n--, I mean sjw.net?

      Oh, they're there, doing what they always do: click +1/Like/Reblog, share things, spread misinformation and hate. Just, whatever earns them precious "Social Justice Points" (SJP) so they can look good, but without actually putting any effort into it.

    2. No. Shannon was a problem player in my group years ago. I'm not welcome at rpg.n--. Shannon was...an experience. She was the kind of player that tried to browbeat the GM into getting away with stuff. Like repeatedly rolling dice at the table until a perfect result came up and then announcing, quite seriously, that she was saving that roll for her next skill check. Then there was the time the party traveling by ship sighted some whales shortly before something rammed the ship. She immediately lost it. Interrupted the game with rant about how peaceful and perfect whales were and how the GM had better change the plot right then and there or else. Never occurred to her that maybe the whales didn't ram the ship underneath the waterline. That it was some other threat. Didn't cross her mind that maybe the peaceful nature of whales in general was a freaking clue that it was indeed something else. Shannon also would lose it when a historical setting made women second class people. Encounter a native tribe that doesn't allow it's women to own weapons or hold leadership positions? Watch out!

      But even Shannon trip out when the Shadowrun team encountered hookers or strippers or females wearing impractical/revealing outfits. Shannon didn't lose it when the heroes tried to rescue the captured princess. Shannon didn't flip through the game manual and throw a fit if a illustration of a dark skinned person wielded a spear or- heaven help us- if there weren't any dark skinned illustrations at all.

      Honestly, these people make me look back on my problem players with more charity.

    3. Oh shit, I had a player that did that EXACT same thing: he'd act like he was just fiddling with his dice, but when a nat 20 came up declare that he was saving it.

      I'm much happier nowadays with the players I have, but it sucks that some people are so close-minded, afraid, and self-hating that they won't even permit discussion.

      Shannon sounds like a pretty shitty player, ie the kind of player the SJWs would love to have in their camp: someone less interested in playing, more interested in trying to spew an ideology without putting any actual work into it.

      It's why I wrote this blog post, and the previous one: I'm giving my thoughts and experiences in a place where they can't silence it. If you (or anyone else that reads this) has something more to share, private tag me on G+ or Facebook!

  2. So you basically denunciate another person here in your blog, because you don't like his opinions. Sounds incredibly thin skinned to me. Also the whole "social justice warrior" thing is a stupid generalization. Another angry hateful gamersgater, maybe?

    1. LOL "You're making generalizations, just like [group_X] does!" Incoherent much?

    2. @Randy: SJWs are known for their double-standards. I'd say something like "it's a standard class feature", but they don't play games (though consider themselves qualified to speak about them).

  3. @Anon: What do we have here, another angry, hateful SJW maybe?

    Not just Tim, though I did focus mostly on Tim since he started it. Also, how is this me being thin-skinned? I made a post that anyone can see and comment on.

    Do you not know what being thin-skinned means?

    If I wanted to I could just do what SJWs tend to do, and post it so that only a select few group of people could see it, specifically people that would just agree with me.

  4. Man... and I though i had bad players but compared to this, my players are angels!

  5. Fred Hicks, P.S.: Evil Hat recently sent out an apology email for using the "ableist" word "lamely" when describing a zombie in one of their FATE modules.

    I replied bemoaning the evils of censorship, and got the typical brush off for having a contrary opinion, with a solid "I'm an SJW and I'm proud of it" out of Mr. Hicks.

    My last rejoinder was essentially, "Fair enough, remove me from your customer database and don't send me emails anymore". No more supporting the Evil (Censorship) Hat any more for me.

    1. @Jere: SJWs ultimately eat their own and look for any reason to get offended, so it was just a matter of time. Actually, despite Fred's pandering and pathetic virtue signaling I'm surprised it took this long.

      Since SJWs only care about money and internet fame, ignoring and boycotting Evil Hat is the best thing to do.

  6. Necroing this, but it's absolutely hilarious how SJW RPG.net is. SJWs have gotten me to the point where I call the white ones by inaccurate racial slurs just to piss them off.

    1. Yeah but to be fair doing anything pisses them off. :-P

  7. just call them a sweet potato and watch them flip out!!!


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