Dungeon World: The Playbooks of the Dead

The Playbooks of the Dead is now for sale on Drivethrurpg!

This is a compilation of the undead playbooks we've written over the course of this year: The Ghoul, The Mummy, The Skeleton, and The Vampire.

It comes with everything you'd find in those playbooks: custom letter-sized sheets, as well as the digest-sized books—which contain extra moves, gear, developer's notes, etc—all assembled into a single pdf file.

In other words aside from a few bits of original art, content-wise there isn't anything new in this book, so if you own the others you might wanna pass on this (though I did send out discount coupons for people that purchased them already, so you shouldn't have to pay full price for this).

This is basically a product bundle with a bit more presentation: you're not just getting each playbook for only $1.75, but everything is organized so you don't have to switch between multiple pdfs (well, except for the character sheets, that is).

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