Dungeon World: The Living Star and Various Bundles

We've got several new products today! Well, technically there's one new product plus a few new bundles, but Drivethru still counts them as individual products.

The first is that The Living Star is now on sale (and I'm really fucking proud of this cover). This is yet another strange concept from Melissa that we've been playtesting for about a month now.

She got the idea from a quote by Carl Sagan, that we're all made of star stuff, and just went with it: you're a human (or humanoid, we don't care if you're a dwarf or halfling) that is somehow able to manifest various "star" themed powers, like glowing brightly, superheating your hands so that you can rend metal apart, and fly through the air on solar winds.

The advanced moves let you hurl plasma, zip about at light speed, manipulate metal, and more: all told there are twenty-one of them, with a couple extra that we couldn't fit on the character sheet.

This playbook is a bit cheaper than other stuff we've made because it doesn't have magic items and/or compendium classes, but if you want to pick it up even cheaper we've got a few options for that with a pair of new bundles!

The Awfully Big Playbook II bundle has all of the playbooks we made after the first playbook bundle we made; The Bard, The Living Star, The Spider, and The Vampire.

If you want to get everything, then just snag All of the Playbooks: this has every playbook we've written, plus Playbooks of the Dead since it includes all of our undead books.

If you've got any questions, complaints, suggestions, etc, you can hit me up using those nifty social network icons in the upper right-hand corner.


  1. Honestly I didn't think to include any: this was Melissa's deal. Plus, I have a third magic item compilation over halfway done. >_<


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