A Sundered World: Devils & Spirits

Now that The Oni, art commissions for Mythic Mortals and an upcoming OSR adventure, and a semi-exclusive Dungeon World adventure are done, I've been able to get back to doing art for A Sundered World.

List time I posted art it was for a couple of new monster settings (ie, a thematic grouping of monsters): The Voices of the Stars and Celestial Host. This time I've got a few more: Those That Have Fallen and Spirits of a Sundered Land.

Gotta make the feathers of this wrathful seraphim more jagged and sword-like, and also add some blackened, smoking skeletons.

Some spirits are ghostly, others look more or less like normal animals, and others still—like this stag spirit—can assemble physical forms out of the environment.

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