Dungeon World: Game Master Screen

UPDATE: Per someone's request, this product now contains another set of four pdfs with a portrait orientation.

While I'm waiting for the print proofs to come in for our Dungeon World GM Screen, I figured I could at least upload the pdf-only version for people that don't want (or need) cardstock panels and/or the Hammerdog GM Screen.

There are four sets of panels: two are in color, the other two are black and white, and one of each set features background art. This way you can choose which panels you want to print. Speaking of printing, each set contains twelve landscape, letter-sized panels (ie, 8.5 x 11 inches).

Here's a preview of one of the art panels, in both B&W and color:

Everyone who purchases the Dungeon World GM Screen between now and the time the print version comes out will receive a $5 off discount link. This way if you want to check it out sooner-than-later, or decide you do want the cardstock panels and/or Hammerdog screen, you won't have to pay anything extra.

In addition, all of the background art is also available as an art pack. As with our Awful Good Art Pack, it's cheap ($2.99 for twelve illustrations, both in color and B&W) and can be used with minimal restrictions (basically, you can't use it in another art pack without permission). You can also get all of our art as a bundle.

The Swashbuckler is out! This is our take on a melee type character that relies more on grace and wits than a big-ass sword and heavy armor. It boasts a new character sheet layout, some extra moves, and new bits of gear and magic items.

We've updated our All of the Playbooks Bundle,to include The Swashbuckler. We've also added a Rogues Gallery bundle if you just wand The Bard, The Pirate, and The Swashbuckler, and an Adventuring Party bundle if you want all of our more "normal" selection of playbooks.

It looks like the next class we'll be doing is The Golem. Personally I was hoping for The Rakshasa or The Fighter, but the people—over a hundred voters this time—have spoken.

Finally, the crew from Mythoard have graciously allowed us to put up Lichfield for public consumption at the start of next month. So if you missed out on it, you won't have to wait until October to get it!

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