Dungeon World GM Screen: Landscape Inserts Are Available!

Landscape inserts for our Dungeon World GM Screen are now available. This is for color inserts with background art; we're still working on portrait inserts.

If you purchased the pdf-only version before today and your account is set so that it can be contacted by publishers, check your email for a discount link. If your account doesn't allow publishers to send you email, lemme know so I can send you the link.

If you're waiting on portrait inserts, everyone that purchases the pdf (either by itself as with the landscape inserts) will get a discount link for that as well.

Finally, per someone's request we're also working on a "mini" version of the screen (which is something like 4 x 6 inches). As with the portrait layout, we'll add that to the rest of the pdfs when it's ready: you won't have to buy any set individually.

The Swashbuckler is out! This is our take on a melee type character that relies more on grace and wits than a big-ass sword and heavy armor. It boasts a new character sheet layout, some extra moves, and new bits of gear and magic items.

We've updated our All of the Playbooks Bundle,to include The Swashbuckler. We've also added a Rogues Gallery bundle if you just want The Bard, The Pirate, and The Swashbuckler, and an Adventuring Party bundle if you want all of our more "normal" selection of playbooks.

It looks like the next class we'll be doing is The Golem. Personally I was hoping for The Rakshasa or The Fighter, but the people—over a hundred voters this time—have spoken. We're working on it with John Kramer, which means the end result will have two separate classes, as well as a bunch of other content that people have come to expect from us.

In A Sundered World news, the promo adventure and comic are both nearly done. Just sent the adventure out to backers for closed feedback. Assuming they have no problems with it, I'll just need to do finish the art and a bit of text. Melissa is toiling away coloring the comic, after which that will be done.

Finally, the crew from Mythoard have graciously allowed us to put up Lichfield for public consumption at the start of next month. So if you missed out on it, you won't have to wait until October to get it!

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