A Sundered World: Another Big-Ass Update

This week's Sundered World packet is ready to go (including some graphical goodness, courtesy of one of its many fans). I mentioned in our last Dungeon World play report just a portion of the updated content, but to save you the trouble of clicking yet another link I'll mention it again here:

  • Modified the world move for building things out of the astral, and adjusted some Astral Swimmer moves to account for this.
  • Deva: Added the Death domain, as well as a few advanced race moves for it.
  • Elf & Kytheran: Added more racial moves.
  • Most classes have questions that you can ask about them.
  • Battlemind: Changed Learned background, added miss effect to Psionic Focus, added/changes some moves (Reforge Flesh lets you spend focus to heal/shape weapons on others, added Biomagnetics).
  • Invoker: Added advanced moves: Be Afraid, Suffer No Evil, Your Will Be Done..., ...Your Kingdom Come, Be Very Afraid, Celestial Choir.
  • Shaman: Added Kindred Spirit background. Tweaked some other moves.
  • Chronomancer: Added moves: Time Compression, Temporal Acceleration, Time Stop, Warp Field
  • Lingering Soul & Possessed: Started adding moves.
  • Equipment: Added tags to go along with madiron, sinsteel, staff focus. Added vial of astral stuff, copper arm, starwater, poison, thoughtroot implant, ironwood enthollow, frostbone jotuncase, etc.
  • Fleshed out the Running Out of Time campaign front.

As before check it out and let me know everything: what you like, what you hate, suggestions, questions, clarifications, whatever cross your mind while reading it.

You can post comments here, directly on the pdf, hit me up on G+ (the Sundered World community is probably the best place), or even fire off an email to antiochcow@gmail.com. Just don't be shy, and don't pull any punches: constructive criticism can only make this thing better.

Finally, if you want to feel free to take the setting for a spin. I'd love to hear what people do with it (plus it might help pinpoint or point out any issues).

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