#RPGADAY: Most Recent RPG Purchased

I was sitting here trying to remember whether I'd received 13th Age or Numenera later, but then I remembered that technically I had purchased a copy of Dungeon World from my local store at some point after getting both.

This was good, as I actually mostly enjoy this game, but then it hit me: the Starter Set.

The fucking Starter Set.


Despite the shit flying around about 5th Edition and a certain pair of consultants with the audacity to, as far as I can tell, be merely accused of various behaviors—I guess in this case guilty until overwhelmingly proved innocent, and maybe not even then, is totally cool—I had completely forgotten about it.

Or maybe it's because of all that, that I'd forgotten about it?

Anyway, what was I on about? Oh yeah, the Starter Set. Fuuuck... Mind you I didn't get it because I thought I would enjoy it: I knew well over a year ago the particular crowd it was intended to cater to, and over a year of playtesting only served to confirm that fact. No, I got it purely so I could review it, and review it I did. It's just an...unfortunate turn of events that it would make it qualify for something that I would have to talk about.

So, yeah, I really dislike it for lots of reasons that I won't repeat here. I'd say that, hey, there will always be 6th Edition, but I still have my 4th Edition books and at this point I'm more interested in trying my own hand at a hack, instead of just waiting and hoping that WotC gets it right next time.


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    1. For some reason, everyone have a Caster subclass, because reasons and shit.

    2. I wouldn't mind "everyone having a caster sublcass", if the source material was the same way.

      Honestly if D&D wanted to cleave to the whole Appendix N thing, I would expect magic (and especially priests) to be downplayed. And operate differently.

    3. But in D&Dnext its feel so lazy and redundant... I mean, you already class who are subclass (like barbarian, bard, druid, paladin, sorcerer, warlock), and you are making more subclass to subclass to subclass.


      If is more like the Basic Set, with only 4 base class, them you having subclass sees a better idea to gives players options. And using less pages to do that, i think.

      But you are talking about D&D next here.

    4. *we are talking about D&D next here.

    5. 5th Edition IS lazy and redundant: almost everything it does was done before, and the few new things it offers are very poorly implemented.

      Subclasses shouldn't even exist: classes should just be big balls of various features that you can pick from when you level up.

      This way, players can organically construct a character, and WotC can still do their splatbook treadmill by adding more features to the ball.


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