#RPGADAY: First Game Dungeon Mastered

As with yesterday's RPG-a-Day post, the first game I ran was one of those Basic versions of Dungeons & Dragons, and the first session I ran was Escape from Zanzer Tem's Dungeon.

I don't exactly recall "loving" it, as even as a child I recall thinking that the story and content was rail-roady and confusing (though I wouldn't have used those words at the time), and I could tell that the people I ran it for were frustrated by various aspects.

But, I am assuming that we enjoyed the overall game well enough to stick with it until I got my hands on 2nd Edition, because I remember running that, too. This obviously just means that I have been an amazing story teller my entire life.

In all honesty I am positive my stories and dungeons made no fucking sense (though judging by the "official" adventures I have seen they actually might not have been all that bad), and I think we only kept playing it because it was the only role-playing game around at the time.

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