It's alive! The Fright Night Kickstarter is ALIVE!

Well actually it's been live for a few days, now, it's just that I was so busy blasting social networks and jabbering in a chat room about it that I'd forgotten to write an actual post.

Though, I did put up a new graphic and mention it at the bottom of another post...that's gotta count for something, right?

We're almost 20% funded at about three days in. Not sure if that's necessarily a good thing (first Kickstarter and all), but this isn't a supplement or setting for an existing game, either: this is a complete, stand alone role-playing game running on an original system.

The base goal is entirely to fund art, and any excess gets funneled back into more art, unless we get past 6k, in which case the artist has another idea.

If you're into the horror genre check it out, and also check out the sample pdf for an idea as to what to expect with the final product. Whether or not it's "your thing", if at all possible we'd appreciate any help in getting the word out!

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