#RPGADAY: Favorite Character

Unlike the last few RPG-a-Day posts this one is a no brainer:


When it comes to role-playing I rarely get to play, and when I do the games tend to be short-lived. Like, 1-3 sessions short-lived. This can make it difficult to get invested in a character (and even a story) when you barely get to know them, and I can only really think of one other campaign that lasted both for a meaningful length of time and I played a character I gave two shits about but, no! That is a post for another time.

I started playing Mouse when Dan got in touch with me many weeks ago due to some random G+ circling, and somehow wrangled him into coming over and running a game of Dungeon World. We were all really impressed with his GMing skills—in particular how he constantly provided ways for me to get in trouble, and humored my strange, bat-shit crazy ideas—and he just kept coming back for some reason.

Mouse is the second rogue-type character that I have had a proper go with, the first being a minotaur brute scoundrel rogue from a short-lived Dungeons & Dragons campaign...but, also no, that is yet another post for yet another time. Ben went with a paladin and Melissa with bard, so with the hitting and healing roles covered I figured that playing something besides a fighter or wizard might be good for a laugh, and I was right: Mouse has given all of us a lot of laughs, and I'll honestly miss playing him now that the campaign has ended (still writing those last two play reports: moving can be a bitch).

That's not something I can say about most of the characters I've made.

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