Dungeon World: Spider Playbook

For better or worse, the spider playbook is now for sale on Drivethrurpg.

It does everything a spider can: spin webs of any size, crawl on walls, and even inject debilitating venom or digestive juices into creatures, so that you can slurp up their tasty, liquefied innards that you do so crave.

Of course the advanced moves open up a variety of other terrifying options, like dropping in on unsuspecting prey, blinding opponents with your bristles, causing your venom to inflict excruciating pain, or closing the gap between you and the poor bastard that assumed they could just outrun you.

Though Melissa and I have a strange tendency to write monstrous playbooks, this one goes a step (or several) further and allows you to play something that's not even remotely humanoid in shape.

Size is another matter, because it's not like spiders are already horrific at their "normal" size: the default assumption is that you're somewhere between halfling and human-sized, plus you can talk, allowing you to whisper sinister nothings into the ear of a creature as it struggles to escape. I guess you also have more than enough legs to gently stroke its cheek, if that's your thing.

So, yeah, use it to threaten your GM with a new character, or to just keep the rest of the party from making camp. Unless you're one of "those" people that actually likes spiders, then have fun tormenting man and monster alike.

What's Next?
Melissa is having a blast writing playbooks (even when they pertain to nightmarish creatures that should not see the light of day), so with this one out of the way what would you want her to do next? What do you feel is missing from your Dungeon World roster, or what do you think she could do better?

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