Living Fireball

Here's a final draft.


  1. Love seeing new beasties, but I have a question. What makes this critter a controller, as opposed to an untyped or soldier/brute?

    None of it's powers influence movement. Though I suppose it's aura might technically work. Just curious, as I have been making sweet love to my monster builder too :)

  2. I lumped it into controller since it has an at-will area-effect attack as a wizard does. Mostly I think the aura and AoE will "encourage" movement and placement.

  3. Good call :) If you would accept a small bit of advice, give it a daily or recharge 6 with better damage and a knockdown effect.

    I cant tell you enough about hindering player movement, letting them roam freely is dangerous now.

    I've been working on some new demons and such to fill out the lower levels. I'll post them up eventually, that way I'm not the only one being a wiseass :)

    Keep up the good work, sir.

  4. I had an elite fireball that had more stuff mixed into it to help mess with player actions while still just being an explodely ball of burnination. That one would be better suited for additional kicker effects.

    Be sure to IM, PM, Email, or whatever a link to your demons when you get them up so's I can check them out.


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