More Quori

He's a du'lora quori. I'm working on an elite version, so this one only gets its iconic, "make PCs smash," powers.

Oh, I added in a ranged attack that makes targets attack eachother. It otherwise didnt have much of anything that fit its whole feeds on anger schtick.


  1. I really like burning rage and incite fury, but raging mind seems redundant with aura of fury.

  2. Raging Mind is designed to affect creatures that target the du'lora, even outside its aura (ie, 4+ squares away).
    However, since it only triggers if you target Will, it also encourages ranged characters to target defenses other than Will, which is a shame since its one of its lowest defenses.
    I guess this presents a tactical dilemma: its easier to hit it this way, and you get a damage bonus later, but you risk being affected by his own Will attacks (or those of its allies).


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