Excerpt: New Armor

I just got around to posting about the weapon excerpt today, and we are already at new armor. You will need to actually scope out the pdf preview to get any hard mechanics, which includes full stats for all the suits of armor that were still "missing" (well, except for the chain shirt). Aside from filling in the gabs, new armors are further differentiated from the old by having either the tough, durable, or barbed property.

Tough lets you turn the first crit you suffer in combat to a normal hit, durable reduces damage you take from the first attack in an encounter (and has to be repaired afterwards to regain the property), and barbed causes a creature to take damage based on your level when you escape a grab, or that creature escapes your grab.

So, that is pretty cool. I also really dig the robe of the archmage (level 20 rare); it gives you a bonus to Fort and Will, lets you prep a utility spell of your level or lower for free, and lets you lose half your hit points in order to max out your damage on the next arcane attack you make. 


  1. I am pretty lukewarm on these. I don't think they give enough of a benefit for the cost of a feat, except maybe full plate.

    Maybe there will be something exceptional in their Masterwork chart? I dunno.

  2. Studded leather is just hide without the check penalty and lets you ignore a single crit, which while nice does not come across as "feat-worthy". I might disperse some of these properties to other armors, or houserule classes so that they can use some of them.

  3. I always liked studded leather and would let someone wear it with no penalty and just not get the special ability (personally, I'm tired of my Eladrin noble Tactical Warlord running around in animal hides!)


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