Excerpt: New Weapons

In addition to magic items it looks like feats are also on the menu at Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium. Though we get a dozen names, only two of the "strike specialization" feats are actually shown, which let you reduce bonus damage from power strike in order to lump on some other benefit like dazing or attacking Fortitude instead of Armor Class. Considering books that I would assume were intended for DMs have had paragon paths in the past, this does not come across as too odd to me, though I am curious as to whether or not people are going to label this book as an "essentials" book by virtue of it having content for Essentials classes.

Another juicy bit previewed is a flame tongue weapon, which is a level 10 rare item with some badass stuff; the crit damage is slightly higher than usual at a d8, it grants fire resistance, once per encounter after you down an enemy, each adjacent enemy takes automatic damage (great for minion cleaning), and it has an encounter attack that deals fire damage plus ongoing fire damage to a close blast. As an added bonus the fire resistance and damaging features scale with the weapon's enhancement bonus. The only real drawback is that you cannot turn off the fire damage part (though despite the flavor content stating that they glow brightly, it neither provides illumination nor penalizes your Stealth).

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