Lair Assault

I got a Lair Assault kit yesterday, and after looking through the 16-page, digest sized booklet have this to say: good luck.

Size matters not. Judge it by its size, do you?
The entire scenario is comprised of one mega-encounter that you have to wrap up in 20 rounds. In addition to a hard time limit, you also roll initiative once, can not take a short rest, and the DM can mix up the monsters and terrain to fuck with repeat groups. The levels of the monsters also range from level 4-10, with the BBEG statted as a level 8 elite. As if that was not enough there are also factors in effect to fuck with what would normally be some pretty damned useful abilities, as well as a few timed events that can turn up the heat (hint: the map has two sides).

The tips I will give are that fire resistance will be helpful, and to keep an eye out for an easter egg--its on the cover, actually--and some situational benefits scattered here and there. Also, be aware of the time; I would be impressed by a group that manages to take out every monster in the dungeon, especially on Nightmare difficulty. In fact, I think that glory hounds are going to have to make quite a few playthroughs to get all the awards (especially since two require you to die). Speaking of glory awards, here is the entire list sans secret ones:


  • Epic Win (20): Defeat the challenge on Nightmare mode.
  • I'll Be Back (10): Get a 20 or higher on a death save.
  • It's Critmas (5): Score a crit.
  • Monster Slayer (20): Kill every enemy in the dungeon.
  • Commando (20): Do not use magic items or consumables.
  • One Shot (10): Drop a non-minion enemy from full hit points to zero in one hit.
  • Racy Group (10): Win with every character as the same race.
  • Tough As Nails (20): Win without spending a healing surge.
  • TPK (5): Everyone dies.
  • It's a Trap! (5): Disable a trap/hazard.

  • Dungeon Mapper (10): Open every door in the dungeon.
  • Give My Regards (5): Knock an enemy of a ledge/into lava.
  • I Regret Nothing (5): Fall off a ledge/into lava.
  • Lava Nice Day (10): Die from lava.
  • Speed Demon (10): Win in five rounds or less.
  • Treasure Hunter (5): ???
  • Vell's Foil (10): Win the challenge.

There are three of these, one with 10 points and the other two worth 5.

I'll be running this at Knightfall Games as time and attendance warrants; it can be ran any day of the week, so fire off an email if you want to give it a shot.


  1. I did a run-through of the Lair Assault in preparation for the official sessions at Hobby Town, and I think the players may need divine intervention as well as good luck, if any of them are going to survive.
    I'm typically a player-friendly DM, so I was looking forward to a chance to wipe out a party in a socially acceptable way. Unfortunately, by the end of the run-through, I felt more like a school bully that brought a squad of mercenaries to assist me in collecting lunch money, and then -for good measure - I decided to enlist the school staff in my extortion scheme.
    I think the IDEA of Lair Assault is a great change of pace, but I wasn't pleased with the scenario that was rolled out.
    I do hope the Encounters and Lair Assaults help bring new customers into everyone's FLGS. They do a nice job of sponsoring these events.

  2. All I can say is, "It's about time." This is D&D distilled to its purest - Win or Die.

  3. Hi. I dunno if you can help me out, I want to run this, can you give me some pointers? (like a list of monsters,traps, etc...)


    I`m a DM from Mexico. I wanted to run this so I registered my event on my dci/rpga account. Saddly I havent got the kit, I already wrote to wizcus but they havent give me any solutions yet.


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