GenCon 2011 Summary

Here is some stuff that I managed to cull from forums that have been heard at GenCon that was not already dropped elsewhere:

Dragon Content

  • September and October: Oriental-flavored articles. Specifics mentioned were oriental themes, a ninja-assassin and kanji runepriest build, and an optional honor system in Unearthed Arcana.
  • November and December: Support for Heroes of the Feywild. Specifics were fey themes, an article on the Moonshaes, an adventure with Baba Yaga's dancing hut, and an Unearthed Arcana article on arcane duels.
  • January and February: More Forgotten Realms stuff, such as Cormyr, Channel Divinity articles on Forgotten Realms deities, elemental themes, and monsters from Fiend Folio.

Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium

  • Older items are supposed to be tagged as per the rarity system.
  • No new rituals.

Madness at Gardmore Abbey

  • Many encounters are purported to have non-combat options, and it is supposed to have sandbox elements. It was also mentioned that they are moving away from linear adventures. 

Heroes of the Feywild

  • Wandering skald, an Essentials-style bard build.
  • New druid build.
  • Barbarian build that is both a defender and a striker; you start out in defender mode, but when you rage transition to striker.
  • Character themes mentioned were agent of the unseelie fey and fey lord, the latter of which gives you a permanent companion character.
  • Races mention were dryad, satyr, and pixie (which can fly at 1st-level).
  • Supported with D&D Encounters season Beyond the Crystal Cave (supposed to have lots of social roleplaying) and Fortune Card set Fury of the Feywild.

Power of the Plane Below

  • Essentials sorcerer build.
  • Shaiir build.
  • Supported by D&D Encounters season Elder Elemental Eye (focus on exploration) and Fortune Card set Spiral of Tharizdun.


  • September's Lair Assault is called Forge of the Dawn Titan. The DM will have a menu of monsters to choose from, and it is supposed to be highly adversarial. The next adventure is pirate themed, and in the third you defend and island from dinosaurs.
  • Lords of Waterdeep boardgame in March, which will involve sending adventurers on quests to try and rule the city.
  • New Dungeon Tiles sets: Shadowgast Manor (haunted house theme) and Cathedral of Chaos (with diagonal corridors).
  • A new map pack product was announced, and will be priced the same as Dungeon Tiles.
  • Book of Vile Darkness is supposed to "allow" for evil campaigns, but not be as "bad" as the 3rd Edition one.
  • In April there will be an Undermountain dungeon crawl adventure with 80 encounter areas, a dungeon generator, plot hooks, and a big-ass poster map.
  • The seeker was mentioned as not being played very much at all, so they are thinking of changing it up to make it better. 
  • Pdf book releases are being considered (working on pricing).
  • Eberron themes planned.
  • Themed minis sets will be announced next year, along with a minis boardgame that uses them.

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