Awful Good Art Pack

Seeing as a lot of people really like my art, I figured I'd release the stuff that I've done for myself as a very cheap collection, that contains almost every single cover I've done, plus some of the interior stuff.

The art can be used both at your table (not that I could really stop you, there), and even in published works with minimal restriction: you can't use it in another stock art collection (but if you want to include our stuff, lemme know), and you have to credit me (and Melissa if you use a color piece, since she does all the coloring).

Otherwise I don't really give a fuck what you do with it, or how much you use it.

There's a digest-sized pdf that includes all of the art (you can use the preview links to see everything that's inside), and there are two zip files that contain all 20 high-resolution (300dpi), digest-sized images as jpgs, pngs, and tifs.

I'm going to start releasing these at the end of the year at the longest (if I do a bunch of stuff, I might release them sooner), so the next pack will likely contain some A Sundered World art. The only thing I won't release are paid commissions.



In addition to more A Sundered World art previews, Melissa and I are also working on a swashbuckler class and a Dungeon World GM screen. The GM Screen is currently undergoing closed feedback by a substantial group of people, and we've already come up with some ideas to make this a very expansive, modular screen.

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