A Sundered World: The Dwellers in Darkness

Nearly two years ago I wrote a draft on how I envisioned drow fitting into A Sundered World, and not much has changed since then. Actually the only thing that has really changed (aside from switching mechanics from d20 to Powered by the Apocalypse) is that I'm not referring to them as drow at all anymore, just dark elves.

This is partially because I've never really liked the Dungeons & Dragons portrayal of dark elves. Not because of any social justice bullshit about their skin color or whatever, but because they're still, even in 5th Edition, flat, uninteresting, and utterly nonsensical (so, par for the course when it comes to 5th Edition flavor).

The short version is that dark elves in A Sundered World serve the Weaver, a mighty spider spirit that helped them after the Sundering. They dwell in the darker regions of the world, venturing forth to hunt in swift, spinous ships made from chitin, bone, and sheets of webbing. Their warriors are similarly draped, wielding venomous weapons and often bearing a variety of mutations.

I realized that I haven't written up race moves for them, but the whole spider-mutation thing is going to be a compendium class. Here's a work-in-progress art preview for the Dwellers in Darkness monster setting (thinking of adding weapons, maybe a second set of arms):

Aaand here's a preview for some dark elf stat blocks:

The next preview will showcase some of the fauna that can be found throughout the Astral.

We've got a bunch of awesome stuff going on this month:

Finally, you can now sign up for this month's Mythoard (up until the 16th), which features a Dungeon World adventure written by me.

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