Dungeon World: GM Screen Preview

UPDATE: There are currently twelve panels: basic moves, special moves, fronts, making monsters, treasure, some of the more oft-used gear, transports, and services (ie, what I could fit), making any kind of steading, updating steadings, etc. Since there's going to be something along the line of 16 panels of art, I'm going to release them (sans tables) as another art pack.

I've got quite a few people looking over the Dungeon World GM Screen I'm working on, to see if there's anything it's missing, if the information could be better organized/presented, swapped out, etc. In the meantime, here's a WIP preview of one of the panels (gonna add a monster or two in the bottom corners, maybe something on top).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's the completed above panel, including some more details and zombies.

It's (currently) intended to work with DrivethruRPG's GM Screen, which allows you to swap out panels whenever you want, and so far we've got eight of them: four for the GM, four player-facing (which includes stuff like the basic and special moves).

There's going to be some art panels, in case you want a more "traditional" screen, and Melissa and I have been talking about making panel "sets". These could be used for specific types of adventures (dungeon or urban crawl, wilderness trek, etc). There would be a list of example NPC names, floor plans, a table for dungeon dressing, wilderness encounters. Stuff like that.

Could even include additional art packs, and panels with moves, maps, and monsters for specific adventures.

UPDATE: Here are some more WIP images!


  1. I have tried a format of screen suggested by DM David (http://dmdavid.com/tag/improved-fifth-edition-dungeon-master-screen-and-initiative-tents/) and I love it. You should try it. Specially for games like Dungeon World where hidden information is not that critical.

    It would be a nice addition to the pack some sheets for a screen like that.

    1. It's intended to work with screens like that, where you insert the panels into plastic sleeves. We're going to include a bunch for pretty much everything, so that you can decide what you need, when you need it. Also looking into different layouts, so you can go with portrait, landscape, and even a smaller screen (if you have one that works with digest-pages).


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