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You might have noticed that our store isn't up on DriveThruRPG anymore. This is because we've been suspended for 30 days (which started two days ago as of this post). I won't get into the specifics (and I've already had to explain it to plenty of our closer peeps), but I will say that it's equal parts confusing and absurd, perhaps with a—depending on how data is managed and other rules—dash of technicality.

While we (and you) wait, we've created a kind of store page on the blog: click here, or go to the Products tab up top and hit Dungeon World. How this works is that you buy something, we get an email alert from PayPal, and then we email you the pdf(s). Obviously if no one is home (which is rare) or we're sleeping (not so rare), you'll have to wait.

I know it's not as convenient, but once our suspension ends we'll send everyone that buys stuff from us a complimentary copy through DriveThruRPG, so it will eventually become convenient.

We're also going to start using Lulu for print-on-demand stuff, so expect to see adventures and our magic item collections over there.

Feel free to spread the word, and if anyone asks what the hell happened let them know. Also, if you can think of other online distributors, let us know either in the comments or over on G+, and we'll look into it.

In more pleasant news, the GM Screen is coming along nicely:

Six panels done, six to go. This is just the background art for the panels with actual tables, sans tables (hence all the white space). There's currently four panels of nothing but art, and when it's done I'll package everything into another art pack.

I've been in touch with a local printer company, and we're going to visit them tomorrow to see if they can actually make what I'm looking for. If so, that'll probably end up being a Kickstarter since they'll want a minimum production and all that.


  1. I panicked a little when I went to drivethrurpg today for something unrelated and saw one of your bundles listed on the main page, but then when I clicked on it it took me to a page showing me a bunch of other playbooks by some chucklehead. Came here to find out what the deal was. Glad to see it's only temporary.

  2. @Andy: Yep, just under four weeks left! Trying to get The Swashbuckler and third edition of If These Stones Could Scream out before then, maybe the GM Screen. Something so we can have a big comeback.

    Also, yeah, a good deal of the third-party peeps are chuckleheads. :-P


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