A Sundered World Map From the French Version

We didn't include a map of A Sundered World for a few reasons. The first and least important is that I didn't think we could do it justice at the time. Maybe now we could: our art has certainly improved considerably.

We do plan on porting A Sundered World to Black Book, and since traditional gamers tend to expect maps we'll probably do one for that (or at least a region), which of course you could use for Dungeon World without any fuss.

The second reason is that in Dungeon World you're supposed to ask questions and use the answers, and draw maps but leave blanks. I figured by giving the highlights of various regions, plus steadings and possible dungeon locales, it would be easier for a GM to ask their players questions and mix, match, and arrange things as needed.

For example, in one campaign the Bahamut Span could be right next to the Balen'lad Cluster, and the Golden Road could wind around the Iron Circle, more or less keeping the infernal legion contained. In another campaign you might not even bother with the Wandering Wyld, or maybe the infernal legion has conquered it. This could change from campaign to campaign, and the GM can also of course remove certain areas and/or add new ones.

On a similar note of location-arrangement, we came up with at least three different ways the "world" could be shaped: spiral, layered, or spherical (all explained in detail on page 25). So not only might the arrangement of various regions differ from the campaign to campaign (or not exist at all), but the overall topography could differ as well!

Finally, we never determined if some or all of it moves about (making nomads even more useful than they already are), and also whether space fluctuated. It definitely does near corpse stars, and some islands are mobile, but since everything is floating about in the echoes of the astral plane it's possible the entire world is affected by spatial distortions: so even going from a stationary A to B might take a different amount of time.

But, in case you want an example map (and don't want to wait for Melissa and I to possibly whip one up), the guys doing the French version of A Sundered World are going to include an actual map of what's left of the worlds:

What do you think?

The only thing I've really stuck with consistently is that the Abyss is within the Maelstrom, and that the Maelstrom is at the center of everything (like galaxies and super black holes), so that's the only change I'd make. But even that's just a personal preference thing. I could also see the Abyss lurking near the edge, slowly devouring whatever drifts too close.

The map was created by ThomasR, who I found on Cartographer's Guild. If you like the style hit him up!

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