Tablescapes Dungeons First Look

We're still waiting for a tracking number for our Dwarven Forge swag (got a pre-shipping notice a week or so ago but nothing since then), so that plus forgetting that we'd even backed the Tablescapes Dungeon Kickstarter made for a pretty nice surprise when it showed up a few days ago.

(UPDATE: Nevermind the first portion of the DF stuff showed up yesterday.)

First impressions are that the detail is okay and compared to the basic Dwarven Forge cavern set it's got a more dynamic look (once you add in the optional floor and wall stuff it's about the same), and for about $15 more than the cost of a standard, unpainted cavern tile set you get over twice the floor-space to play with (and that's if we're just counting spaces that you can actually put a mini on).

Here's what you get in a core set (taken from the Kickstarter page, but everything comes unpainted):

What I really like are how the walls are their own tiles: with Dwarven Forge walls usually eat up a half space, and that can make it trickier to align walls and keep them at the same thickness. Granted it's kind of nice for minis that have a sword, spear, or wings sticking really far out, but Tablescapes often has lower walls (corners seem to be twice as high) so I think they'd just go over them, anyway.

The difference in how walls are handled does make it tricky to mix and match, but even just using floor tiles Tablescapes are noticeably thinner. Here's a comparison:

The gray stuff is Tablescapes, everything else is Dwarven Forge.

But we're going to paint them, build a dungeon (maybe I can dust off and convert my old 4E adventure At the Mines of Madness), and run the kids through it. If nothing else it'll help tide us over until our metric ton of Dwarven Forge finally shows up!

You can now get a physical copy of Dungeons & Delvers: Black Book in whatever format you want! We've also released the first big supplement for it, Appendix D, so pick that up if you want more of everything.

We've added the seventh issue of the Appendix D zine to Black Book (for free to boot). This one has aliens, robots, the nomad and spelllsword classes, spacecraft, energy weapons, and more!

Our latest Dungeon World class, The Apothecary, is now available. Next up is The Ranger.

Dwarven Vault is our sixth 10+ Treasures volume. If you're interested in thirty dwarven magic items (including an eye that lets you shoot lasers) and nearly a dozen new bits of dungeon gear, check it out!

Just released our second adventure for A Sundered World, The Golden Spiral. If a snail-themed dungeon crawl is your oddly-specific thing, check it out!

By fan demand, we've mashed all of our 10+ Treasure volumes into one big magic item book, making it cheaper and more convenient to buy in print (which you can now do).

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