Posted by : David Guyll April 06, 2015

It took waaay longer than I expected, but The Vancomancer (which is now a Best Silver Seller) has finally been updated (so if you already own it, check your Drivethru RPG library).

In addition to boasting a new cover (colored by Melissa), here's a list of other changes/additions:

  • Two digest-sized pdfs. One lacks a background texture, so if you want to print it that'll save you on ink.
  • It uses our new character sheet layout.
  • One new bit of dungeon gear.
  • Four new magic items.
  • The director's cut has been expanded to talk about other moves that people were unclear about.
  • Several moves have been tweaked or completely overhauled.

In addition to The Vancomancer's overhaul, we've got a bunch of other awesome stuff going on this month:

Finally, you can now sign up for this month's Mythoard, which features a Dungeon World adventure written by me.

In addition for every 50 subscribers I'm going to add a discount link for one of our products. So far The Witch is being included (and will become free at 200 subscribers), and when I asked about it yesterday there were over 70. The cutoff date is the 10th, at which point I'll have to send the files out for printing, so spread the word!

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  1. I like the cover art. The coloring has been improving!



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