D&D XP Character Sheets

Cribbed from Hordlings, we finally get some screen caps of the Delve character sheets.

Astral Majesty grants you +1 to all defenses against bloodied foes.
Astral Resistance grants resistance against necrotic and radiant. Not sure if the secondary resistance is from a feat.
Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes lets you add 1d8 to a roll you make. Not sure if its increased by a feat (the deva has a feat called Auspicious Lineage).
The Radiant Power feat lets you take a -2 to hit for bonus damage with an implement.

Powerful Athlete lets you roll twice on all Athletics checks when jumping and take the better result.
Stone's Endurance grants you resist 5 against all damage until the end of your next turn as a minor action.

Two of the new powers are an at-will called devastating strike, whichdeals bonus damage but grants an attack bonus against you (like an at-will version of avalanche strike), and a level 2 utility called combat sprint that lets you move faster and gives you a bonus against opportunity attacks incurred while moving.

The gnome bard is packing a fochlucan bandore, which is a wondrous item that you can treat as an implement that grants a bonus to attack and damage rolls, as a weapon would. This is expected, so bards can still get mileage out of instruments.
It also had some kind of power that you could use while resting, probably healing as it affected all allies within 20 squares.

Stalker Spirit Boon grants your allies a damage bonus against bloodied enemies.
Summer growth is a magic item property that lets you treat squares around you as difficult terrain against enemies only until the end of your next turn.

There is a magic dagger called tooth of chaos that lets you treat your attack rolls as even or odd against one creature for the rest of the encounter. Neato!


Half-Orc Resilience makes you heal 5 hit points as soon as you are bloodied in an encounter.
Swift Charge grants +2 squares when charging.
Furious assault is an encounter power that lets you deal +1[W] damage with a weapon attack, or +1d8 (I think) if its not. Can be used as a free action.

On the front we have Armor of Faith, which grants +3 to AC when in light armor and no shield, so its probably like the swordmage ability.
Censure of Pursuit lets you deal +5 damage to a marked creature until the end of your next turn.

On the back, overwhelming strike appears to deal damage, let you shift, and slide the enemy into the square you were in.
Oath of enmity seems like its the striker extra damage mechanic. Its fucking huge and I cant really see what it says, but its a minor action to use and is a close burst 10.
Resonant escape lets you teleport 3 squares as an immediate reaction to getting hit.
Aspect of might is a daily that deals triple damage and grants a power bonus to Athletic checks, attack rolls, and damage rolls.
There is also whirlwind charge, sequestering strike, road of pursuit (I think), and a few Channel Divinity powers on the menu.

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