Druid vs. Warden

The druid and warden are really not the same thing. Sure, they share the power source, but thats about it. I can cite roles, seeing as one is a defender and the other is a controller, but I think the issue here is that somehow, there are those that think they apparently have the same origins and...story, or something. How this misconception crops up is beyond me, as the preview articles spell it out pretty clearly. If that doesnt do it for you, browsing the crunch should bring you towards the same conclusion.

The druid is more like a shaman that communicates with spirits and can control nature. She can blast you with lightning and then change into a tiger and maul you to death. As a controller, many of the druid powers move you around or hamper you in some way. She is able to do it ranged in human form, but as an animal she can achieve similar effects in melee. I think its a great way to make this class diverse without gimping it.

The warden, on the other hand, is someone who draws power directly from the earth. She doesnt talk to or command nature. She is just a deliberate mountain that pounds you into the ground and shrugs off injury. Oh, she can also change form somewhat into a kind of nature aspect. Those are dailies, so its not the same as the druid who can do it whenever she feels like it.

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