There's One in Every Group

Or rather, there used to be. See, I was formerly the guy that had all the books, accessories, and miniatures. I had all that shit. Just me. Since we only gamed once a week during the era of 3rd Edition, my friends only bought a handful of books, waiting until they came over to peruse my massive archive of gaming supplements. Since they only played here, they didnt get Dungeon Tiles, and I think that only Red Jason ever got any minis (and to be fair, Bat Jew did buy one from me since he liked it so much).

4th Edition has stolen that title from me. I'm no longer that guy, since most of the players are buying all the books now. Red Jason has almost all of them, Adrian does, and the newest guy Josh picked up Player's Guide to Forgotten Realms just for the swordmage class. That says something to me, that the game is so damned fun that players who would sit on their thumbs until game day to check out the new stuff are building their own gaming libraries. These are people who dont exactly have a lot of cash, and get them anyway (not to the exlucison of necessities, mind you).
Before, even if they had cash they wouldnt buy anything. Red Jason picked up Complete Divine because he likes paladins, but thats about it.

I'm really happy things turned out this way: it was getting annoying having the entire group waiting in line to go through Spell Compendium and Magic Item Compendium for their shit.

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