From DDXP 2009

You can get a podcast from Radio Free Hommlet that talks about D&D XP. In case you are lazy, here are the highlights (products are listed in the order of release...hopefully), cribbed from the Wizards forums.

Arcane Power will contain rules for familiars and support the swordmage and sorcerer, but not the artificer. Since it wont be officially released until Eberron Player's Guide, this makes sense.

Divine Power
will contain rules for customizing divine classes with domains.

Primal Power
apparently will explain how it differs from the arcane and divine power sources. I guess some people are having trouble wrapping their heads around that? Feh.

Plane Below
will be a companion to Manual of the Planes, but focus mostly on the Elemental Chaos. Cool beans!

Dungeon Master's Guide 2
will be mostly oriented for the paragon tier. Logically we can expect the third iteration to focus on the epic tier, and this is a great way for them to extend the longevity of this book.
The featured city is indeed Sigil, and will go into a similar amount of detail that you saw for Fallcrest in Dungeon Master's Guide.

Adventurer's Vault 2 will have item sets. Not really new, since they did the same thing in Magic Item Compendium at the LATEST. I was actually considering making a few of my own for homebrew campaigns. I probably still will, but its good to know they get core support. :-3
Also, its reported to have new item types (kind of like how the first one introduced mount and companion items, methinks).

Revenge of the Giants
is now going to be a hardcover book. This is extremely exciting to me, and hopefully its not as big a letdown as Shackled City was.
Monster Manual 2 will be "as big" as Monster Manual.
Speaking of adventures, you fight Doresain in E2. Since you fight Orucs in E3, this makes sense.

Dragon Magazine Annaul 2009: I'm glad I keep hearing about this, because I kept fearing that Wizards would pull the plug on it. Though I have a DDI subscription, I am still going to get this so I can have the good stuff in print. It will not have anything new, so if you are like Adrian and fucking print your articles, you probably wont get anything out of this.

Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons will feature, well, metallic dragons. Iron, adamantine, gold, and silver dragons were specifically mentioned, meaning they might not be in MM2. At any rate, ways to work them in as bad guys will be packed in there somewhere. Hooray.

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