There was errata updated today for each D&D book with the exception of Open Grave. As usual, opinions run both ways about what was changed, whether it was necessary, and how many groups actually think to check the errata at all. Personally, I think that most problems are handled by each group in whichever fashion works best.

They completely removed the power from veteran's armor. On one hand, I thought it was pretty damned good, to the point where it was the armor I wanted to use the most. To me, thats a sign that something is too good, but I think that maybe they could have put a cap on it. Say, you can only regain an encounter power thats equal to the armor's level or lower? I dont know.

What I do know is that now I dont feel too bad about taking screaming hide armor instead. I was kind of kicking myself after discovering veteran's armor during our last session.

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  1. Screaming hide armor, along with cloak of the walking wounded are my two favorite items right now. Warden gives attack roll penalty and gets half his HPs back. It makes me loathe the possiblity -- our loot is infrequent -- of getting a higher level item that isn't as useful.


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