February's Dragon

This month's issue of Dragon brought us a few gems: the dhampyr, some class previews, and an article on undead stuff that to me is a good companion to Open Grave. Hestavar was alright. We're not epic level yet, and maybe further down the road I'll incorporate it into my own implied setting. At least it had a cool epic destiny.

February looks about as promising: another class preview (shaman), Playing Shadar-Kai, Planar Epic Destinies, and Necromantic Rituals appeal to me the most. I'm curious about the preview for Primal Power, and I have no fucking clue what Returned Tarmalune is about.

I barely even remember shadar-kai in 3rd Edition. 4th Edition made them core, but to me they are still kinda by the wayside. I'm working on an undead-heavy adventure series with Red Jason and Adrian, so I'll finally be able to do something with them. Adrian was enjoying his playtest shadar-kai invoker that worshipped, of all deities, Pelor. I think there is potential in them, and we'll see how Wizards taps them next Friday.

I like Manual of the Planes, and I like how they managed to make planar-themed stuff for players that doesnt require you to be situated within them, a dimensional squatter. You can get some mileage out of all of them even in the world. I'm also a fan of Planescape, so hell, the more planar love, the better.

I'm hoping that Necromantic Rituals contains some neat way to create undead servitors or whatnot. The one in Open Grave was pretty tame: you get a deader that really doesnt do anything except serve as a liability.

Whelp, back to homework!

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