Arcane Power "Prerelease"

The new bard virtue is prescience, and allows her to grant an ally hit by an attack a bonus to a defense once per encounter. Apparently its good for a "ranged" bard build.

Sorcerers get two new spell sources: storm and cosmic. We've already seen cosmic on a preview, and storm magic lets you shear away defenses and gain flight if you crit with an arcane power. There are a lot of new powers for all four spell sources.

We already knew about the aegis of ensnarement, for swordmages, and there are new powers for all three aegis types. Aegis of ensnarement is linked to Constitution.

Likewise, we also already got the vestige pact preview. Some of the new powers function for two pacts, giving you a different kicker effect depending on which pact you have.

Wizards get the tome implement, but there is also a new implement feature for the other implements (Orb of Deception being cited). Lots of illusion and summoning powers, including globe of invulnerability, prismatic wall, and "spells that summon abyssal hordes and living mountains that occupy a 3 x 3 square space".
The new wizard at-wills are illusory ambush, phantom bolt, and storm pillar (a one-turn summon that deals damage if creatures get too close).
This is good to know, as I'm going to rebuild Ignus in Adrian's game completely to a summoner (I was just cobbling together the stuff I had based on previews).

There is also a listing of paragon paths for each class, but nothing mentioned about any of them so far.

The current list of familiars is bat, book imp, bound demon, cat, crafter homunculus, dragonling, falcon, owl, rat, raven, serpent, and spider. The homunculus apparently turns every creature it kills into a statue.

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