Playtest: Hybrid Characters

The system for hybrid characters reminds me a lot of the gestalt mechanics in 3rd Edition: pick two classes and more or less mash them together. Hybrid characters obviously work best if both classes share key ability scores and roles (for example, a swordmage and wizard might not work out too well). Many elements get combined with the exception of armor proficiencies. They otherwise share basically everything else together (you get less hit points at the start and per level, however).

I like the hybrid system because it allows you to achieve certain concepts immediately. You dont need to wait a few levels to fill out some multiclassing if you dont want to. The upside is that you get to save a handful of feats, but the downside is that you stretch yourself even thinner because you get one at-will per class. To me this is an interesting element because it doesnt invalidate the existing multiclassing system. I think I'll give this a shot with an avenger/rogue in Adrian's Scales of War adventure tomorrow...

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